Christmas Care PAckages

Faith Point has partnered with a local homeless ministry to provide Christmas Care packages for the homeless in our community. We are accepting these specific donations from now until the 17th!

  1. Travel size soap or body wash.
  2. Travel size lotion.
  3. Travel size deodorant.
  4. Travel size tissue.
  5. Travel size baby wipes.
  6. On the go squeezable applesauce.
  7. On the go cheese crackers.
  8. On the go bags of cookies.
  9. Canned Meat.
  10. Slim Jims.
  11. Hand warmers.
  12. Feet warmers.
  13. White or black socks.
  14. Chapstick.
  15. Feminine hygiene products.
  16. $5 (cash only) for HOP bus passes.